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Moon Moth Kiss-Cut Vinyl Decals

Moon Moth Kiss-Cut Vinyl Decals

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Introducing our exquisite Moon Moth Kiss-Cut Vinyl Decals, a true fusion of nature's elegance and artistic finesse. These meticulously crafted decals are more than just decorative pieces; they are a celebration of the ethereal beauty.

🌙 Captivating Design: Our Chinese Moon Moth decals feature a stunning, lifelike depiction of this enchanting insect, showcasing its iridescent wings and delicate antennae in vibrant, true-to-life colors.

🌙 Premium Quality: Crafted with the utmost precision, these decals are made from high-quality vinyl, ensuring durability and long-lasting vibrancy. The kiss-cut design allows for easy application and removal, making it perfect for various surfaces.

🌙 Versatile Application: These decals are as versatile as they are beautiful. Add a touch of nature's wonder to your laptop, phone case, water bottle, or car window. They can also be applied to notebooks, mirrors, and countless other surfaces, allowing you to personalize your belongings in a unique and artistic way.

🌙 Multiple Sizes: Our Chinese Moon Moth decals come in a range of sizes to suit your preferences and the surfaces you wish to adorn. From small, intricate designs for subtle accents to larger decals that make a bold statement, we offer options for every application.

🌙 Easy to Apply: The kiss-cut design ensures that the decals are easy to apply and can be smoothly peeled from their backing without leaving residue or damaging the surface underneath. Detailed instructions are included for a hassle-free experience.

🌙 Aesthetic Appeal: The Moon Moth is a symbol of transformation and rebirth in many cultures, making these decals a thoughtful and meaningful addition to your decor. Whether you're redecorating your personal space or looking for a unique gift, these decals are a perfect choice.

.: Material: white vinyl with a satin finish
.: 1/8" (3.2mm) white kiss-cut border around the sticker
.: Four sizes to choose from
.: Water, scratch and UV resistant
.: Removable adhesive without residue
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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